Kollu Podi / Spiced Horsegram Powder

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Kollu Podi is a delicious South Indian Podi Recipe made with Horsegram. Best enjoyed with hot rice and sesame oil or ghee. Perfect comfort food.

Contains no preservatives or artificial colours

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In a South Indian household, you would be amazed to see the Podi Varieties that we make and stock. Podi is made with a plethora of ingredients like Curry leaves, sesame seeds, Paruppu or mixed dals etc. One such Podi variety is the Kollu Podi or Spiced Horsegram Powder.It is also known as Ulava Podi.

Podi is a great way to incorporate some amount of protein to the diet. Although, the quantity may not be large enough to fix our daily requirement, it is a great start.

Podi Sadam is served first along with vegetables or Kootu and/or papadam. A tbsp of Podi and Ghee or sesame oil is poured over hot steamed rice. It is then mixed and eaten. Rest of the rice is then eaten with Sambar, Rasam or Mor Kuzhambu.

One such gram is horse gram which is also called as ulavalu in Telugu, Hurule in Kannada, Mudhira in Malayalam and Kollu in Tamil

No Onion No Garlic.

Growing up, as kids, we hated the idea of eating Horsegram and ran away from the very thought of Kollu Rasam being made at home. As adults, we now consume Horsegram regularly as part of our diet


♦  Kollu

♦  salt

♦  urad dhal

♦  toor dhal

♦  channa dhal

♦  red chili

♦  Curry leaves

♦  Asafoetida.

The ingredients are sourced from India’s largest agricultural university which is located in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

Spices  are 100% naturally harvested, and pulverized without the chemical interactions that assure the natural

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