Vasambu Valayal / வசம்பு வளையல் / Calamus Bracelet

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Tamil Name: வசம்பு வளையல்/ Vasambu Valayal

♦  Vasambu fragrance produce the fresh feel

♦  Gives relief from digestive problems

♦  Provide better sleep to your baby

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Tamil Name    : வசம்பு வளையல்/ Vasambu Valayal

English Name : Calamus Bracelet

Vasambu is an organic product; it is referred as ‘child-rearing’. It is also known as flagroot, bitter crinkle root, sweet cane, myrtle grass, Rat root, and sweet sedge. Vasambu plays the primary role in Tamil traditional medicine.

Babies frequently used to sheik their hands and taking their hands to mouth. When we wear a Vasambu bracelet to the baby, it gives a beautiful fragrance, and it will keep refreshing the brain and nervous system.


Babies used to drink milk as the main food. Milk takes quite a time to digest. Vaasambu protects babies from digestion issues.

Vasambu Valayal prevents the babies from filtering infections to effect into their body. 

It is not only concerning from evil eye; it also has a medical property which helps to improve their sleep and keep their mind calm.

Vasambu valayal for Babies

In the old days, people tie the vasambu valayal into the baby’s hand at the naming ceremony. They also tie this in babies’ neck and hip with the rope. It helps to filter impurities into the baby’s body. Moreover, it increases the baby’s sleep and also keeps their mind in a calm situation.

Medical benefits:

These herbs mainly used for the following causes:

♦  Throat soreness

♦  Migraine

♦  Congestion and Colds

♦  Asthma

♦  Male erecticle dysfunction

♦  Amenorrhea


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