Kal Thandai / Lead Twisted Anklet & Copper / கால் தண்டை

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♦  Get relief from body pain

♦  Provide enough support for leg nerves

♦  This anklet gives enough relaxation to the newborn babies

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English Name   :  Copper & Lead Twisted Anklet

Tamil Name      : கால் தண்டை/ kal thandai

Kaal Thandai is made of pure copper and lead, and it is also called as “Murukku Thandai” in Tamil. Both copper and lead are twisted with together so that it is called Twisted bracelet. Moreover, it harmonizes the leg nerves for the progress.

There is no surprise acupuncture medicine utilizes in the copper to push the energy flow in the Body. It gives more relaxation while the baby moves or stretch her or his hands and legs. 

Furthermore, the baby feels good on the body, leg pain, etc.


Kaal thandai helps to improve the blood circulation of the babies.

Its twisted makes your baby’s leg more elegant.

The metal used in this anklet is copper and lead, which is very safe to use. Both metals have better conductivity power.

Copper & Lead Twisted Anklet triggers sensitive nerves while the baby is wearing the anklet. 

Kaal Thandai-Package Specifications:

Model Name Kaal Thandai / Copper & Lead Twisted Anklet
Quantity Pair of 2
Metal Copper and lead
Design Twist
Country of Manufacture India
Weight 0.10 kg


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