Vengai Paal / Bindi Black / Black Bindi

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Tamil name  : வேங்கை பால்/ Vengai Paal

♦  Emits from Vijaysar tree

♦  Very safe to use newborn babies

♦  You can use it for your baby at everyday 

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Tamil name      : வேங்கை பால்/ Vengai Paal 

English name  : Black Bindi

Vijaysar resin is a natural bindi which is packed with the half coconut shell. It is regularly used for babies from the naming ceremony. It is also known as the Vengai paal. It acts as a bindi for babies is our culture. It is a natural resin which emitted from the Vijaysar tree.

It helps to protect the baby from bad vibration and energy. Vengai paal doesn’t make any skin allergy to the baby. Moreover, you no need to put more strain on removing this Bindi from the baby’s forehead.

On the 5th day, 11th day from the day born, we used to celebrate the ceremony. During the time of the newborn baby ceremony, we used to apply this design on the forehead, cheek, feet to the babies. It has a pleasant smell. People believed that this vengai paal helps to remove Dhristi in any form.


♦  Vengai paal comes from Vijaysar tree

♦  There are no side effects in this pottu

♦  Produce better sleep for the child

♦  Doesn’t have any harmful chemicals so safe to use 

♦  Easy to remove from the baby’s skin. 

♦  This resin will not produce any skin allergies.

♦  Protect your baby from bad energy and bad vibes.

♦  Vengai paal property has used to avoid Dhristi in any form.

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