Darbai seat Mat / Tarpay Irukkai pai

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Botanical Name  : Desmostachya bipinnata

Tamil Name          : தர்பாய் இருக்கை பாய்/ Tarpay irukkai pai

♦  It protects you from the negative energy

♦  Maintains the body temperatures

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Botanical Name         : Desmostachya bipinnata

English Name             : Darbai seat mat

Tamil Name                : தர்பாய் இருக்கை பாய்/ Tarpāy irukkai pāy

Hindi Name                : दरबई सीट चटाई/ darabee seet chataee

Malayalam Name      : ദർബായ് സീറ്റ് പായ/ darbāy sīṟṟ pāya

Telugu Name              : దర్బాయి సీటు మత్/ Darbāyi sīṭu mat

Darbai seat mat is also known as the Kusha grass mat. It is considered a sacred mat. The sages frequently use it while they are doing prayers and meditation. In fact, Budhha sat on darbai mat under the bodhi tree when he got his enlightenment.

Darbai seat mat mainly comforts to sit and helps to maintain our clear mind without being affected by difficulties surrounded by them.

Making process:

Darbai grass mat is made up of 100% natural Darbai grass and cotton. The edges of the mat are stitched by color cotton.  Darbai grass delivers positive vibes to your body. Moreover, it doesn’t make any allergies to your body. 


♦  Darbai seat mat is considered as divine material in spiritual. 

♦  This mat is believed to keep off the negative energy. So that can be specially used when solar/lunar eclipse.

♦  As it entirely made up of natural things, this darbai seat mat directly connected to the earth. It is mainly used during meditation

♦  It is an eco-friendly and washable seat mat.

♦  You can use this mat for your meditation that helps to emit all negative spiritual energies and gives positive vibes.

♦  If you are using the Dharbai seat mat, it will protect you from negative vibes and toxic radiation of all types. Moreover, it helps to connect with spiritual realms.

♦  Generally, Dharbai has healing properties, thus helps to maintain your body at normal temperatures.

♦  Dharbai seat mat is used to make asanas that deliver more relaxation.

♦  It is traditionally used in puja rooms to make prayers; hence you can easily connect with devas. 

Darbai Seat Mat-Package Specifications:

Model Name Darbai Seat Mat/ Tarpay Irukkai pai
Dimension 40 cm* 42 cm
Weight 190 grams
Country of Manufacture India
Weight 0.500 kg


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