Vettiver Scrub / Herbal Bath Scrub

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♦  Vetiver bath scrub prevents pimples 

♦  It is an anti-bacterial, non-toxic product

♦  It is 100 percent natural and safe to use

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Botanical name of vetiver  : Chrysopogon zizanioides

Common name                       : Vettiver bath scrub

Vettiver bath scrub is the Natural Herbal Bath product. This scrub helps to prevent stretch marks, remove pimples, anti-bacterial, non-toxic. It gives a slight sweet smell. Vettiver bath scrub can be preferred by people of all ages and are suited to men, women, and children.

Vettiver plant:

The vetiver root is finely structured, and it is so strong. In the first year, the vettiver can grow up to three meters to 4 meters. Vettiver has no stolons nor rhizomes. These characteristics denote, the vetiver plant is drought-tolerant. Vettiver bath scrub can help to prevent soil against sheet erosion. Its antiseptic properties protect to treat acne and sores.

Method of usage

♦  First, wet the vetiver scrub into the water before you are going to bath

♦  Apply the natural cleanser into your body

♦  After that, give gentle massage throughout your body by using the scrubber

♦  Dry out the scrub after usage

♦  After completing the bath, dry your whole body

♦  Use the body moisturizer for hydrating skin

♦  You will get a good sleep after bath

♦  It works well both morning and evening bath


♦  Vettiver bath scrub has beautiful Aroma and produces a sweet smell.

♦  It is 100% pure natural root of vettiver grass and Hand-woven.

♦  Antiseptic Content acts as an anti-bacterial, helps to protect our skin.

♦  It is made of the vetiver grass root.

♦  Vettiver root having anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxant, and healing properties.

♦  It used to balances the sebaceous oil glands activity.

♦  Vettiver has deodorizing properties, thus helps to get rid of oily skin.

♦  It helps to increase the blood circulation of your body.

♦  This scrub is an ideal choice for all types of skin.

♦  Moreover, it helps to remove dead skin from your body.

♦  When we use this scrub regularly during pregnancy, its oil prevents stretch marks.

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