Aalam Vithai (Powder) / Banyan Tree Seed Powder/ஆழம் விதை பொடி

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Banyan is a tree with tremendous medicinal qualities, in Ayurvedic medicine system,  used for treatment of innumerable diseases. These Kind of  remedies are simple & safe and can be done at home without any problem


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Botanical Name        : Ficus Benghalensis

English Name            : Banyan Tree Seed Powder

Tamil Name                : ஆழம் விதை பொடி / Aalam Vithai Podi

Hindi Name                : बरगद  , बढ़  बीज / Bargad , Barh Beej

Malayalam Name      : ആലം വിട്ട / aalam vitta

Telugu Name             : మర్రి చెట్టు సీడ్ / Marri chettu seed

Description :

♦  This is a single large tree that spreads over a large area and a small forest.

♦  In some places in India, the banyan tree is considered a sacred tree. Banyan is a large, evergreen, a deciduous tree.

♦  This tree grows in rain forests, monsoon, evergreen, and deciduous forests.

♦  Every part of this tree has various health benefits.

Health Benefits of Aalam Vithai Podi :

♦  The seed powder will help to treat diabetes , warts ,hemorrhoids, body heat,and depression, bacterial ,fungal infections ,vaginal infections .prevents colds , flu and other infectious diseases .

Lowers cholesterol

♦  The unsaturated fat in banyan tree fruit is a great factor for lowering the cholesterol level.

♦  It is able to perform it benefits because of the pectin of the unsaturated fat will get rid the cholesterol through human’s excretion system such as feces, urine, and sweat.

Regulates the blood sugar

♦  Banyan tree fruits and seeds are well- known for its sweetness and usually doctors will not recommend sugar for diabetes.

♦  However, although banyan tree fruit is sweet, but the fructose and glucose in it will not raise your blood sugar.

♦  Besides fructose and glucose, the banyan tree fruit is completely filled with unsaturated fiber and carbohydrate which will slow down the process of excess sugar absorption on your digestive system.

♦  Aalam Pazham Powder helps persons who lost energy by excess masturbation or over indulgence in sexual activities, alchohol, drugs, tobacco etc to regain their lost energy

♦  Aalam Pazham Powder control premature ejaculation in sex

♦  Aalam Pazham Powder improves sperm count among men

♦  Aalam Pazham Powder prevents heart disease

♦  Aalam Pazham Powder prevents cancer

♦  Aalam Pazham Powder helps to control weight

♦  Aalam Pazham Powder is gives better digestive health

♦  Aalam Pazham Powder good for pregnancy

♦  Aalam Pazham Powder improves men’s vitality

♦  Aalam Pazham Powder maintains healthy hair.

♦  Aalam Pazham Powder cures kidney stones.

Side Effects:

♦  There are no side effects in using this product. Take medical advice for its use during pregnancy.

Harvesting & Manufacturing Methodology:

♦  All our herbs are Organically Harvested , dried, and pulverized with no chemical interactions that will assure the ensuring 100% natural herbal  powders and related products.

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