Aada Thodai Ilai (Powder) / Malabar Nut Powder / ஆடா தொடா

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Tamil Name             :   ஆடா தோடை இலை பொடி  / Aada Thodai Ilai Podi

English Name         :    Malabar Nut

Adhatoda Vasica is an ayurvedic medicinal plant used for cough, asthma, breathing trouble, nasal congestion, bleeding disorders, allergic conditions, upper respiratory infections, excessive uterine bleeding, heavy menstruation, and epistaxis (nosebleed).


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Malabar Nut / Adhatoda Vasika Powder

Botanical            :   Terminalia bellerica

Tamil                   :    Adathodai – ஆடா தொடா

Telugu                :    Adalodakam (ആടലോടകം)

Hindi                   :   Adosa, Arusha, Rus, Bansa

Telugu                :   Adamkabu, Adampaka, Addasaram (అడ్డసరం)


♦  The plant has pungent and astringent taste. It is cold in action. It normalizes kapha and pitta and improves the voice.

♦  It is useful in ridding the patient of coughing and asthma and can be given as a cure in any disease with which these symptoms are associated. It is beneficial to the tuberculosis patient. Vasaka’s special virtue is stopping bleeding due to the aggravation of pitta, through the mouth, nose, genitals, or the urinary systems.

♦  The leaves are dampened and then pounded, and it is useful in cases of chronic bronchitis, asthma and tuberculosis. This is not to say that it always cures all these diseases but it does give immediate relief.

♦  Being a very good expectorant, it draws out all kapha (phlegm) accumulated in the lungs. In many cases where bronchitis is due to lack of appetite and poor digestion, the Vasaka is mixed with the juice of ginger and honey and given in the early morning on an empty stomach.

Health Benefits

♦  Act as tonic for respiratory and circulatory system.

♦  Helps to extract extra mucous from respiratory tract which usually contains debris or dead tissues.

♦  Helps in improvement of tightness of chest due to extra mucous in chest.

♦  Helps to control the blood loss that may be pass with cough or with stool.

♦  Helps to reduce the pain in flanks.

♦  Helps in formation of healthy Dhatus (body tissues).

♦  Helps to reduce the burning sensation of urine.


♦  1 spoon of powder a day before meals with hot water .

Side Effects:

♦  There are no side effects in using this product. Take medical advice for its use during pregnancy.

Harvesting & Manufacturing Methodology:

♦  All our herbs are Organically Harvested , dried, and pulverized with no chemical interactions that will assure the ensuring 100% natural herbal  powders and related product

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