Thumbai ( Powder) / Leucas Powder / தும்பை

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Tamil Name         : தும்பை / Thumbai

English Name     : Thumbai, Leucas aspera Powder

Leucas Powder several medicinal herb. It is used for treating scorpion stings, snake bite, cough, fever, fever-reducing and insecticidal properties, Scorpion Sting, Snake Bite, Skin diseases, High bleeding during menstruation, Asthma, leucorrhoea, and Allergies.


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Botanical Name               :  Common Leucas 

Tamil Name                      :  தும்பை / Thumbai

English Name                  :  Thumbai, Leucas aspera Powder

Malayalam Name           :  ലീഗുകൾ പരുക്കൻ / Tumba

Hindi Name                      : लीग किसी न किसी / Chhota halkusa

Telugu Name                    :  లీగ్స్ కఠినమైనవి / Tummachettu


Another name of a Thumbai plant called Leucas cephalotes.

It several medicinal herb that grows as a weed in India and many Southeast Asian countries.

This Leucas Powder uses this herb for treating scorpion stings, snake bite, cough, fever.

This plant contains fever-reducing and insecticidal properties.

It also can be applied for snake bites and scorpion stings.

Health Benefits of  Thumbai / Leucas Powder / தும்பை

♦ Scorpion Sting : Leucas Powder is used for curing scorpion sting. 

♦ Snake Bite : This herb powder also used for snake bite. 

♦ Skin diseases : This plant has the ability to eliminate toxins from the body and it is effective in treating all skin diseases.

♦ High bleeding during menstruation : This powder is used to prevent the high bleeding during menstruation.

♦ Asthma, colds, and coughs : This powder will cure colds, coughs, and asthma.

♦ Cough, leucorrhoea : This herb powder is used as a remedy for headaches, coughs, runny nose, sinusitis, congestion, nausea, and migraines.

♦ Allergies : This powder is used to get relieve from the allergies.

Side Effects :

♦  There are no side effects in using this product. Take medical advice for its use during pregnancy.

Harvesting & Manufacturing Methodology :

♦  All our herbs are Organically Harvested , dried, and pulverized with no chemical interactions that will assure the ensuring 100% natural herbal  powders and related products.

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