Naval mara kuvalai / Jamuntree Tumbler / நாவல் மர குவளை

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Tamil name: நாவல் மர குவளை/ Naval mara kuvalai

♦  Made by jamun tree

♦  Also used as a decor piece

♦  Produces a lot of medical benefits

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Tamil name : நாவல் மர குவளை/ Naval mara kuvalai

Naval mara kuvalai is based up of Jamun tree. It has multiple medicinal benefits. Good for patients who are suffering from Diabetics, Obesity, High BP, Joint pains, etc.

Cleaning process:

♦  When the water remains the same, which will appear in 15 to 20 days, to get out of these just rub the inner area of the tumbler by using a small knife. After that, peel out the layer so that the water will get in touch with the new surface next time.

Process of repair:

♦  If the tumbler is started leaking or get broken, need to insert the wood inside a vessel. Then pour the water inside the vessel for achieving the same results. One tumbler can effectively be used for one year.

Health Benefits:

♦  It is a natural product. Jamun tree proved to be an anti-diabetic content; this helps to diabetic patients.
This Ayurvedic tumbler is an ideal gift for a housewarming ceremony. The tumbler comes with an attractive finish.
♦  Naval mara kuvalai Wood Tumbler is made with high durable quality Wood, which guarantees the stability of the product.
♦  Easy to carry.

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