Kottai karanthai /Dried Indian sphaeranthus / Sphaeranthus indicus / கொட்டைக்கரந்தை

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kottai karantai is a plant which grows to a height of 2- feet and is found in the paddy fields and in places of moist soil all over india. the leaves are having hairy growth. the flower bunch resembles that of neolamarckia cadamba and blooms in the winter season.


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Botanical Name        : Sphaeranthus Indicus

English Name            : Indian Sphaeranthus

Tamil Name               : கொட்டைக்கரந்தை / Kottai karantai 

Hindi Name               : मुण्डी / Mundi

Malayalam Name     :  അടയ്ക്കമണിയന്‍ / Adaykamanian 

Telugu Name             : బోడతరము / శ్రావణి  / Sravani / boda-taramu


Sphaeranthus indicus Linn. (Asteraceae) is widely used in Ayurvedic system of medicine to treat vitiated conditions of epilepsy, mental illness, hemicrania, jaundice, hepatopathy, diabetes, leprosy, fever, pectoralgia, cough, gastropathy, hernia, hemorrhoids, helminthiasis, dyspepsia and skin diseases. There are reports providing scientific evidences for hypotensive, anxiolytic, neuroleptic, hypolipidemic, immunomodulatory, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, bronchodialatory, antihyperglycemic and hepatoprotective activities of this plant. A wide range of phytochemical constituents have been isolated from this plant including sesquiterpene lactones, eudesmenolides, flavanoids and essential oil.

internal benefits of  kottai karantai (indian sphaeranthus)

♦  It cures a headache including cases of a migraine

♦  It is used for indigestion, diarrhea, and vomiting, piles, intestinal worms and enlargement of the liver.

♦  Its treats a chronic cough and asthma

♦  Its treats general debility and epilepsy

Side Effects:

♦  There are no side effects in using this product. Take medical advice for its use during pregnancy.

Harvesting & Manufacturing Methodology:

  All our herbs are Organically Harvested , dried, and pulverized with no chemical interactions that will assure the ensuring 100% natural herbal  powders and related products.

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