Aali Vithai / Dry Flax Seed / ஆளி விதை

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Aali Vithai or Flax seed (Linum usitatissimum), is a food and fiber crop cultivated in cooler regions of the world. Aali Vithai are tiny, brown or golden-coloured seeds, which are also known as linseed. … The body can absorb the nutrients from flaxseeds more easily when it is ground or sprouted


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 Telugu          – అవిసె గింజలు – avise ginjalu

hindi              – अलसी – Alasi

 tamil             – ஆளி விதை – aali vithai

Malayalam    – ചണവിത്ത് – Cheruchana vithu

bengali           – তিসি বীজ – Tishi Bij

marathi          – जवस – Javasu

 kannada        – ಅಗಸೆ ಬೀಜಗಳ – agase beeja

 oriya              – ପେଶି – Pesi


Aali Vithai is a rich source of dietary proteins, having a high essential amino acid index, and providing most of the daily intake of proteins that our bodies need.

Health benefits of Aali vithai:

Weight loss

These seeds can also help in weight loss because they are rich in fiber and certain other healthy fats. They also help improve metabolism, lower the risk of digestive problems, and improve obesity.

Blood Pressure

As per the Hypertension journal, including flaxseeds in the diet is recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure. The omega 3 and fiber in this health food can lower blood pressure, and thereby prevent the risk of stroke, hypertension, and other heart ailments


The presence of plant-based lignans, omega 3s, oils, and fiber in Aali Vithai help in improving the digestion of your body, by promoting lubrication and preventing constipation.

Boosts Immunity

The alpha-linolenic acid and the lignans found in Aali Vithai boost the immune response in the body and prevent inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and an autoimmune disorder called lupus

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